Youthful Looking Hands

Other than your face, your hands are the body part that is most exposed to the ravages of harsh weather. While a lot of attention is given to caring for the skin on the face, the hands are often neglected and as a result the skin on your hands tends to look older than other areas of your body.

In addition, as we age there is volume loss that occurs in the back of the hands causing unsightly bulging of veins and tendons. Dark freckles, or liver spots as they are sometimes called, also appear on the hands. They may be caused due to a combination of chronic sun exposure and genetics.

The good news is hand rejuvenation using dermal fillers can restore the plump, youthful appearance to your hands. Dr Najia Shaikh uses high-quality dermal fillers and advanced techniques to mask the bony protrusions and bulging veins on the back of your hand and give a smooth and soft texture to your skin. There may be a slight swelling after the procedure that should disappear in one or two days.

Mild chemical peels can be used to treat liver spots. Dr Najia Shaikh examines the spots or freckles and decides on the type of chemical peel to be used to improve skin aesthetics. A couple of treatments spaced two to four weeks apart may be required for maximum benefit. In case of stubborn skin patches, a stronger chemical peel can be administered. The treatment is very safe with hardly any side effects.

With the amazing advances in Aesthetic Medicine, youthful-appearing hands can be yours with just a few simple procedures. Dr Najia Shaikh, director of One Skin Clinic, is a medical doctor and a highly skilled aesthetic physician who is passionate about improving the quality of life of patients in and around London through non-surgical cosmetic procedures.