Maintaining Healthy Skin While Travelling

If you’re planning to do some travelling in the near future to catch up with friends and family or are taking off for some well-deserved rest and relaxation, packing the right beauty products is as important as your wardrobe selection. Here are a few tips to maintain radiant glowing skin while traveling.


Pack multipurpose beauty products. The last thing you want is too many products taking up your luggage space. You can also use the free samples you get from beauty stores or purchase travel sized items that can easily be incorporated into your luggage. You can finish most of the small products while on vacation and you will have extra packing space for souvenirs from your trip.


Dealing with running mascara and a flaking foundation can add to the stress of traveling. Skip the foundation and simply use a moisturizer instead. Long-lasting lipsticks also should be avoided as they tend to cause dry and parched lips. To colour your lips, apply several coats of lip stain. Once dry, apply a coat of clear gloss on top. You can reapply the gloss throughout the trip for a freshly made-up look. If you are travelling by car and the monotony of the journey is getting to you, wrap some crushed ice in a cloth and apply it to your undereye skin. It is a great way to perk yourself up and banish the tiredness from your eyes.


Recirculated air in a plane is moisture free and will draw moisture out of your skin. This tends to make dry skin even drier. Before boarding your flight, use a serum which will deliver moisture to the deep layers of your skin. Apply sunscreen over the serum. This is because you are closer to the sun while flying and susceptible to the harmful effects of indirect sunlight. In case oily skin is dehydrated, more oil is produced to combat the dryness. On long flights, it is important to use tissue or oil blotting paper to remove the excess oil. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water, not only to satisfy your thirst but also to rehydrate your skin. On reaching your destination, make sure you exfoliate and cleanse your skin as soon as possible.