Our Team

Dr. Najia Shaikh


Dr. Najia Shaikh is the founder and Medical Director at One Skin Clinic on Harley Street, Marylebone. She is a Medical doctor, highly trained in advanced techniques in non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Prior to setting up her Aesthetic skin clinic at Harley Street, Marylebone, she has worked full time in the NHS for the past 12 year. After finishing her MBBS degree, she did several training jobs in NHS and did her post graduation in General Practice in 2013. She is a Member of Royal College of General Practitioners, and still practices as a GP alongside working as a Cosmetic Physician. Her sound knowledge in medical field and attention to detail is what makes Dr Shaikh well suited to Medical Aesthetics.

Dr. Shaikh “I am passionate about giving my patients natural looking results. I believe it’s an art to maintain natural features while performing cosmetic treatments to keep harmony and balance on the face. I find being a cosmetic Physician very fulfilling because it nurtures both my inner artist and being a scientist. It is also rewarding to add to the quality of my patient life, not only in the visible way, but also in terms of personal confidence.”