Profhilo- is it worth it?

It can be overwhelming researching the best possible treatment for your skin. If you’ve noticed your skin has lost it’s glow and you want to give it a boost, then Profhilo could be for you. At One Skin Clinic in Marylebone, we use passion and expertise to deliver the treatment that is best suited to you, and which will grant you the most natural-looking results.


What is Profhilo?

Profhilo is a first-of-its-kind, injectable treatment that, like dermal fillers, contains hyaluronic acid, a material that can formulate, plump and remodel lax skin. Unlike dermal fillers, however, Profhilo does not change the structure of the face; instead it provides the complexion with a radiant glow. Profhilo is effective in treating areas of skin prone to sagging and skin laxity, particularly in the cheeks, neck and chest.


What are the risks of Profhilo treatment?

Whilst there are risks associated with all procedures, those associated with Profhilo are very small, due to Hyaluronic acid being a substance that naturally occurs in the body. Though the chances of an allergic reaction are extremely slim, they do still exist. We will be more than happy to advise you if you need to know which treatments are best suited to your skin.


How does the treatment work?


At One Skin Clinic, we simply inject hyaluronic acid into 5 key points, located on either side of the face, after which, the the substance begins to spread beneath the skin. This then allows the formation of a water binding layer, which stimulates the production of collagen. This results in the smoothing of fine lines, and the lifting and tightening of the skin. The treatment is virtually pain-free and involves no downtime. The side effects of this simple procedure may include small bumps at the injection sites, but these will usually disappear by the next day.


Should I have Profhilo treatment?


By the time we reach 30, we begin to lose a significant amount of collagen. This can cause signs of ageing to appear, and it is, therefore, from this point onwards that we recommend this treatment. In order to achieve the best possible results, we recommend two treatments at four weeks apart, with results lasting from 4-6 months after the second treatment.


If you’re looking for radiant skin, then Profhilo is for you. The treatment has been referred to as an ‘injectable moisturiser’ which leaves skin glowing. Profhilo is also an excellent choice if, rather than increasing volume in specific areas, you instead want hydration across the skin and an appearance that is rejuvenated.


If you want further information on Profhilo, or any other treatments, then feel free to contact One Skin Clinic on Harley street, Marylebone. We will be more than happy to answer any queries you have.