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30 minutes


No Pain


From £600

Recovery Time

No Downtime

Votiva in Notting Hill, Harley Street, Mayfair and Marylebone.

Men and women rarely consider their sexual health ahead of time, as part of the ageing process. No society teaches us about that until it suddenly hits us and leaves us wondering what to do. Then historically both sexes have suffered in silence with issues like incontinence being somewhat taboo.

And yet 1 in 3 women suffer from vaginal atrophy or atrophic vaginitis which results in sexual dysfunction, and this affects almost 50% of women post and during menopause. With age, collagen and elastin decrease but the skin and tissue can be triggered into collagenases using treatments such as radiofrequency. Many women also endure childbirth which can also change the tissue around the vagina and pelvic floor – the appearance and/or functionality.

So whether you’re experiencing menopausal symptoms; noticing signs of ageing and/or have experienced changes post partum, there are safe and effective treatments available. Women no longer need to suffer in silence since the taboo has finally been broken, and there are alternatives to invasive and risky surgical procedures.

Candidates who experience the following symptoms may be indicated for the Votiva treatment:

– Decreased sensitivity and feeling
– Looseness in the vaginal area
– Incontinence (SUI, mixed incontinence and urge)
– Muscle weakness in the pelvic floor and vaginal tissue
– Diminished elasticity / loose skin
– Diminished sexual desire and self-esteem
– Urinary leakage (often when coughing, sneezing, working out etc)

With Votiva, also known as FormaV, dryness and laxity can both be treated – internally and externally – resulting in life changing, long lasting results without any surgery or downtime.

FDA approved and clinically proven, Votiva uses bi-polar radiofrequency energy (heat) to tighten the skin, stimulate new collagen and strengthen the pelvic floor. The device passes through the vaginal canal to transmit RF energy to the lower layers of the dermis. It is also applied to the external area of the labia majora / minora to improve the structure of the tissue.

Results are usually seen after a course of just 3 treatments, and usually last for over a year or so. The energy and heat are controlled so there is almost zero risk to this treatment; it’s comfortable and quick and has no downtime at all. With this revolutionary treatment women can experience a renewed connection to their bodies and their sexuality, regardless of their age.

Prices: £600 per session or £1500 for course of 3 treatments

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