Treatment Summary

Treatment Time

30 minutes


No Pain


£350 per session or £900 for a course of three treatments (recommended)

Recovery Time

None - Two Days

Lumecca IPL in Notting Hill, Harley Street, Mayfair and Marylebone.

Laser and light therapies have become increasingly popular for their transformative abilities and there is a reason this treatment is much loved in the world of non surgical aesthetic treatments.

IPL – Intense Pulsed Light – is a light therapy treatment that targets redness, broken capillaries (spider veins), hyperpigmentation such as age spots due to ageing and also sun damage. It can be used as a targeted treatment or as a general ‘photo-rejuvenation’ facial to even out the skin tone creating a brightening effect.

Why is Lumeca so popular?

Lumecca IPL is a super-powered IPL, as it mimics a laser in it’s effectiveness whilst being very safe. It’s cutting-edge technology that delivers up to 3X more energy in the 500-600nm range, improving the efficacy when treating vascular and pigmented lesions. This also means fewer sessions to get the desired results.

Treatment efficiency is high due to high peak power and optimised output.
Photo rejuvenation in 1 or 2 treatments for most patients versus 4-6 treatments with standard IPL’s.
Reduces treatment time thanks to large spot size and high pulse repetition rate.
Strong sapphire cooling tip results in a higher treatment comfort level.


Frequently Asked Questions

Redness and a warming sensation of the skin is normal, a bit like a mild sunburn. This will usually subside over a few hours and then you’ll most likely see a darkening of any previously pigmented areas or spider veins, over the next 24-48 hours. Once these flake off the skin tone begins to look more even and often there is a brightness and glow to the skin.

Sun exposure should be minimised following treatment and a factor 50 SPF must be worn as the skin will be photosensitised. Make sure you have no tan or fake tan on the areas to be treated as this will interfere with the treatment. If for whatever reason you have any concerns, please reach out at any time.

A course of three treatments is recommended, but patients will generally notice improvements after just one session of Lumecca.

  • You have vascular lesions, Rosacea, erythema from rosacea, spider angiomas,
  • And/or you have age spots, sun damage, freckles, hyperpigmentation
You’ll feel a flash of very bright light and a prickly sensation, often described like a ‘hot elastic band’. It’s uncomfortable but lasts for just a second and the full treatment is relatively quick as well.
Blotchy, sun-damaged, or discoloured skin, or skin affected by large pores, freckles, or wrinkles, are ideal candidates for an IPL Photofacial.Those with untanned skin, Fitzpatrick 1-3, are the best candidates for this therapy.Those with dark or deeply tanned skin can experience complications following photo-facial treatments so generally another treatment method would be recommended such as chemical peel and/or topical medical-grade skincare. Patients should discuss their treatment options with their practitioner or Dermatologist.
  • £50 for patch test (redeemable against treatment cost)
  • £300 for full face and neck
  • £250 face only and
  • £50 for each additional area

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