Emerald Laser Treatment

Emerald laser is an full body fat loss treatment that allows clients to target areas of stubborn fat. Emerald Laser treats overall body circumference.Applied externally, the laser targets excess fat by emulsifying fatty tissue through the use of cold laser technology developed by Erchonia®.

It provides an alternative fat loss treatment without the adverse side effects associated with surgical and other weight loss procedures like liposuction, cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing) and body wraps.

You can expect an average circumference loss of up to 6 inches with EMERALD laser. However, this will depend on your individual body fat ratio. If you maintain a healthy eating plan and regular exercise regime, this can increase the chances of optimum fat loss and long-term success.


Morpheus 8 arrived onto our shores in 2020 and since then, despite the lockdowns, has taken the country by storm. Loved by celebrities around the world for its ability to non-surgically remodel the face and body whilst tightening the skin. More and more people are shying away from surgery and are looking for less invasive ways of achieving their goals, with less risk, downtime and scarring.

 Anti-Ageing and Skin remodeling Morpheus8 is a micro-needling treatment combined with radiofrequency. These super fine needles (the same as are used in acupuncture) penetrate into the skin and deliver the radiofrequency (heat) energy, triggering the body’s healing process to produce new collagen and elastin. 

The result of this is rejuvenated, firmer and stronger skin. The device also is used to tighten areas such as under the chin, jawline, stomach, above the knees, arms etc. It’s an incredibly versatile treatment and can even be used for resurfacing and approving the appearance of pores, acne scarring and even stretch marks and cellulite. Morpheus8 has been clinically proven to deliver results and is a revolutionary technology that gives long lasting, tangible and safe results with hardly any downtime

We Offer A Full Range Skin Treatments

Anti Wrinkle

Cost From £250

Chemical Peels

Cost From £150

Chin Enlargement

Cost From £450


Cost from £ 450 per session or £ 2000 for a course of three treatments (recommended)


Cost From £150

Non-Surgical Nose Job

Cost £500

Jawline Filler

Cost From £700

Light Eyes

Cost £250 per session or £800 for 4 sessions (recommended)

Lumecca IPL

Cost £350 per session or £900 for a course of three treatments (recommended)


Cost From £450

Rejuvenation Treatment

£500 per session ( £1200 for three sessions)

Tear Trough

Cost From £450

Dermal Fillers

Cost From £400


Cost From £75


Cost £300 per session £750 for three sessions


Cost From £600

Acne Scaring

Cost From £

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Najia Shaikh


Dr. Najia Shaikh is the founder and Medical Director at One Skin Clinic on Harley Street, Marylebone. She is a Medical doctor, highly trained in advanced techniques in non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Prior to setting up her Aesthetic skin clinic at Harley Street, Marylebone, she has worked full time in the NHS for the past 12 year. After finishing her MBBS degree, she did several training jobs in NHS and did her post graduation in General Practice in 2013. She is a Member of Royal College of General Practitioners, and still practices as a GP alongside working as a Cosmetic Physician. Her sound knowledge in medical field and attention to detail is what makes Dr Shaikh well suited to Medical Aesthetics.

Dr. Shaikh “I am passionate about giving my patients natural looking results. I believe it’s an art to maintain natural features while performing cosmetic treatments to keep harmony and balance on the face. I find being a cosmetic Physician very fulfilling because it nurtures both my inner artist and being a scientist. It is also rewarding to add to the quality of my patient life, not only in the visible way, but also in terms of personal confidence.”

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